Testing for Children/Teens

At The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood, we utilize intellectual, neuropsychological, academic, and personality tests to identify and diagnose psychologically-based impairments in children and teens. 

Testing of children combines a thorough history of the child, observation of the child, reports from teachers and parents, and a child’s performance on standard, norm-referenced tests to determine the presence of psychological, developmental, or behavioral disorders.  Children often participate in testing to diagnosis:

Children often participate in testing to diagnose:
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Getting an accurate history is the first step in any effective treatment cycle and the goal of your initial meetings with Dr. Mosier.

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Treatment Planning

After meeting with you and/or your child, Dr. Mosier will develop and review a treatment plan that takes into account your individual situation, the reasons for seeking testing or evaluation, and the best psychological tools to use in making you, your child or teens’ diagnosis.

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After testing, Dr. Mosier will review the results of your child’s evaluation with you in detail and discuss further intervention. This might include individual or family therapies, consultation with other professionals or institutions, or advocacy on behalf of you and your child for additional school-based or private services